Export With Me is a company that works internationally, providing services to clients from different countries. Our office is multilingual, which allows us to work internationally with people of different ethnicities.

The office is located in Israel, Givatayim. This is the center of our communication with the world. Our deep belief is that business must be done professionally, respectfully and with high precision. 

The first priority of Export With Me is the client. We tend to keep as much responsibility on our shoulders, regarding all negotiations for our clients. Also, we take as much paperwork. For this sake we hold personnel with different backgrounds and from different cultures. 

Our goal is to build long term relations with our clients, proving our competency in our work.

Export with me is committed to find for the client the suitable provider, according to his needs. Sugar ICUMSA 45, coffee beans, coffee powders, milk powder, loose/cut diamonds or other commodities are in our reach. 

In order to ensure safe and secure transactions with all parties involved, we always follow international business standards and practices.

We are active in the industry for two years. During this period of time, we were building connections with firms, businessmen and suppliers, in order to establish a strong base of suppliers for our clients.

Any clients that are willing to work according to international laws are welcome.