Export with me is a company that provides best quotes and prices of Brazilian sugar ICUMSA 45 for end customers from sugar manufacturers and sugar suppliers, according to their needs. 

Export With Me is the best arena for sugar suppliers, sugar import companies, sugar export companies and generally firms that struggle to find a trusted sugar supplier, but want to invest immediately. We will connect you to your sugar manufacturer for free, as we have contracts with sugar manufacturers for our service. 

When dealing with sugar suppliers or sugar manufacturers, the minimum amounts of a vessel starts at 12,500 MT and per vessel. Spot or year contracts. The terms of payment are Letter of Credit.

Our main goal is figuring the clients need and finding the most relevant supplier for you.



Export With Me arranges deals between companies regarding sugar ICUMSA 45, ICUMSA 150, coffee beans, milk powder and diamonds. We are active in the industry for two years.

Export With Me established a strong base of suppliers for our clients, in order to give our services in the best way.

The personnel consists of representatives who speak English, Arabic, Turkish,Russian, Ukrainian and  Ghanaian dialects.  The abilities are continental.

Our proficiency is arrangement of deals and their execution.



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